my mom pointed at a little bugeye wrx today and said, “see the car with the hole in it? only rich people can afford those” so i told her, “that generation is a bit dated. you could pick one up for a few grand if you wanted” then she looked at me all mad and said, “no. ask your father and he’ll tell you i’m right”

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July 24 2014
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nobody loves me

i am very fond of you

it makes me very angry when i drive all the way out to a 24/7 dunkin donuts at 1 am and it ends up being closed

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Anonymous: I think I'm in love with you

i think you’re wrong

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July 24 2014
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Subaru Impreza RS GDBA
Character - calpan
Forced Induction - NA
Drive Layout - 4WD
Transmission - 6 Speed
Engine Model - EJ20
July 24 2014
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July 24 2014
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July 24 2014
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i somehow ended up talking to this guy about saabs and he mentioned how there are some with subaru engines so i chucked and said, “oh, saabarus!” and that’s when he screamed at me and said “IT PRONOUNCE SOO-BAR-OO”

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July 24 2014
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our smiles match ^__^

i hope that someday i can catch the people who do donuts on the road so i can tell them i’m a huge fan of their work

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July 23 2014
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OH FORK AM I REALsongvillay
July 23 2014
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July 23 2014
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July 23 2014
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